Catching up.

What do you say, when you meet someone after a long time? I am sure a plain hello is not enough. To anyone who has been with me for a while, or would like to know, I shifted over to another blog So if you want to check out my most recent works, please… Continue reading Catching up.

Fictional Essay- Music

Dawn meeting the Arabian sea (courtesy - my brother) This is a little essay about how music inspires us and gives us the strength to; roll up the Sisyphus’ stone of our respective lives, everyday. I like how descriptive the essay turned out to be. I am sitting at my desk. Again. My books are… Continue reading Fictional Essay- Music

A Case against Teachers

The jury is set. The guilty are in the box and the gavel has been struck. I represent the students’ side. And the case stands thus. Everybody has different ideas on teaching and what constitutes teaching. But the most important opinion is that of the teachers. In this fictional courtroom today, I seek to present… Continue reading A Case against Teachers